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Easiestsoft Movie Editor is a suite of video tools
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More than a single application, Easiestsoft Movie Editor is actually a suite made of various specific tools that can be accessed through a welcome menu. Fortunately, it supports a long list of input formats. Likewise, it can convert to practically all existing video formats. Furthermore, you can use the available presets, which are already configured for specific uses and devices, or create your own customized presets.

The suite allows performing various operations with video. It includes many tools. Easy Video / Audio Cutter has a specific task of helping you cut a video by selecting the start and end points of a fragment. Batch Video Cutter does the same, but it lets you create a list of files to cut in a single process. In case you need to join various audio or video files, you can use Audio / Video Joiner. Using this tool is as easy as creating an ordered list of files to join. For the reverse operation, the tool called Audio / Video Splitter can be used. It can divide a video into smaller chunks automatically, according to maximum time, size and a given number of parts. Moreover, you can set split points manually. The utilities for cropping and rotating videos as well as those for adding watermarks, subtitles and effects, although with different names, are in fact the same application, which minimizes your efforts while learning to use them.

In my opinion, the suite is limited in the sense that you need to use several applications to perform complex editing operations. So, let´s suppose you want to create a new video out of multiple clips. In that case, you would need to use the cutter to create the fragments and, after that, the joiner to put them together. One thing in favor of this fragmented workflow is that it makes it much easier to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It supports multiple formats
  • It allows using customized presets


  • It makes complex video editing operations more difficult
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